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Unwanted vehicle disposals

Disposing of an unwanted vehicle

How to dispose of your unwanted vehicle

The Council can safely collect and destroy residents' unwanted Private or Light Goods Vehicles (including motorcycles) within the Borough, free of charge, and will notify the DVLA of destruction.

Please note the following before your unwanted vehicle is disposed of by us:

  • Vehicles must not contain any rubbish, loose items etc, or any items to be retained by the owner of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle owners may also contact cartakeback to arrange collection and disposal of their unwanted vehicles.

Our Commitment to You (performance standards)

We will arrange for our contractor to remove surrendered vehicles and notify the DVLA of destruction within 10 working days.

If you wish to surrender your vehicle please fill the Vehicle Surrender form.

Contact us 

Residents requiring this service should request a Surrender Form for the Free Take-Back of a vehicle from the call centre 020 8770 5000, or alternatively you can write to us at:

Environment and Leisure
24 Denmark Road
For any other enquiries relating to unwanted vehicles please email: