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Heart of Hackbridge – Update 10 October 2015

Further to the update on 7 July, the council formally considered the Road Safety Audit and Accessibility Audit results on the Heart of Hackbridge Scheme at the Housing, Economy and Business Committee on 23 June this year. The Audits recommended, and the council agreed to, the installation of controlled crossings.

Officers have discussed possible Options for the location and design of the crossings with a wide range of organisations, including the Police; Transport for London; London Buses; The Hackbridge and Beddington Corner Neighbourhood Development Group (a local residents' and traders' group); the local traders; representatives of people with disabilities; and the Local Cycling Forum. This has helped shape the different Options which have been prepared.

All four Options:
  1. Include a zebra crossing on Hackbridge Road to serve the school community. This zebra will replace the current informal crossing nearest the school.
  2. Will remove the informal crossing immediately south of the roundabout (the one between the All Tile Ceramics shop and Sainsbury's). 
  3. Show a fully controlled traffic lit junction which is proposed between the Felnex junction and Hackbridge Station, due to be implemented as part of the Felnex redevelopment. 
  4. Show different possible locations for a crossing on London Road.

The council's engineers are satisfied that all the Options can be safely delivered and all Options are being assessed by independent safety auditors.

Following the safety audits, the council will be consulting widely on which Options should be taken forward.  Any crossing on London Road will result in the loss of some car parking spaces and therefore a variety of alternatives have been prepared and all the implications shown.

The formal consultation period will start on 16 November. Plans will be available on the council's website and will be available in a number of shops in the centre.

The council warmly encourages you all to get involved and have your say about the best Option to be delivered.