Replacing School Action with SEN support

School action and school action plus

From September 2014, a new code of practice came into force to guide our policies and procedures. The SEND Code of Practice 2014 replaces School Action and School Action plus with a single school stage called SEN support.

The legal definition of SEN has not changed. A child has SEN if:
  • they are progressing at a significantly slower rate than the majority of children their age, and
  • require provision that is additional to or different from the services usually provided in the school

Children who currently receive special educational provision through School Action/School Action Plus should still receive this provision once the new code comes into force.

Changes in school

All schools in Sutton help children with SEN through a day to day co-ordinator (SENCO). 

  • The code of practice says that schools should meet parents at least termly - ie three times a year.
  • All school SENCOs will have to be qualified teachers. In addition all new SENCOs have to complete SENCO training.
  • School duties towards children with SEN have not changed. The funding changes should not mean a change to the provision needed to meet their needs.