Travel assistance

Expenses for Home to School Transport for children with SEN

Claiming expenses

In some cases we will agree to pay a mileage allowance to help you take your own child to school. If you are interested in this option, please contact us. You will need to complete the Transport Application Form and tick the box to show that you are able to arrange transport. We will consider whether you are eligible for assistance with transport and make a decision on whether to pay a mileage allowance.

How we work out your mileage allowance 

All mileage allowances are based on the shortest return journey between your home and your child’s school, paid at the rate of £0.45 per mile. For example, if the shortest route from your home to your child’s school is 4 miles, we would pay for a return trip of 8 miles in the morning and another round trip of 8 miles in the afternoon.

How often you can claim 

We will agree with you how often you should claim.

This could be:

  • weekly;
  • monthly; or
  • termly; depending on the frequency of travel and your personal circumstances. You will need to complete the claim form and return it to us for each claim.


Reimbursement will be by bank transfer directly to your account, and is usually made within 3 weeks of a claim. The first claim may take longer.

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