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Carer benefits

Benefits for working-age carers

If you are a working-age carer who is unable to work because of their caring commitments you may be able to claim Carer's Allowance which we have covered in a separate section.

If you get Carer's Allowance, or have an underlying entitlement to it, you may then become entitled to various means-tested benefits.

And if you are already receiving one or more means-tested benefits you may be entitled to more of these benefits. This is because getting Carer's Allowance or having an underlying entitlement to it means that an extra amount of money called the carers premium/addition is included in the calculation of the means-tested benefits you apply for.

You may find that you are entitled to one or more of the following means-tested benefits:
Remember that means-tested benefits take into account how much income and savings you and your household have.

You can check your entitlement to benefits on the benefits calculators page.

Tax credits
Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit are paid to top up the incomes of families or workers with a low income. The amount you get of either /both depends on your household taxable income.  Go to our section on tax and tax credits for more information.

Other information and advice
Sutton Carers Centre provides information, advice and support services for carers, including in relation to benefits and other financial issues. Find out more about the support the Carers Centre can offer you by getting in touch: 020 8296 5611,

Sutton Citizens Advice Bureaux provides information and advice around finances (including benefits, debt and other financial matters). Find out more about the support the Sutton CABx can offer you by getting in touch: 020 8405 3552, contact form.