Customer charter

Our core values

Sutton Council’s vision is:

To build a community on which all can take part and all can take pride. This vision encapsulates our community based-approach and commitment to addressing quality of life issues and inclusiveness.

Our 5 core values reinforce the vision and provide the underlying context to the way in which we do our work.

The values form the acronym PRIDE and show how we are committed to: 

  • Working in PARTNERSHIP with the people who live and work in the borough 
  • Making our services open and accessible so that everyone is listened to and treated with RESPECT
  • Seeking INNOVATIVE approaches in order to provide better, more cost-effective services 
  • Promoting DIVERSITY and ensuring that we recognise and celebrate difference within the context of fairness and equality 
  • EMPOWERING everyone so that we can all ‘take part and take pride’ as active citizens and staff. 

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