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Strategies, Plans & Performance

Corporate Plan
This corporate plan provides a high level, strategic view of the council's priorities and what we want to achieve over the forthcoming period to realise our vision of building a community in which all can take part and take pride.

Strategic Commissioning
The Council delivers a wide range of services, some of which are provided by Council employed staff and some are provided by organisations from the private or community sector. The Council uses a process known as a 'commissioning cycle' to make decisions over which services it should deliver, who should use specific services and how those services will best operate in Sutton.

For further guidance and information please view Commissioning Framework page.

Strategic Commissioning


Strategic Commissioning Plan
The Strategic Commissioning Plan, which forms part of the Commissioning and Finance Plan, contains annual targets that help us chart our progress towards achieving the longer term outcomes set out in our Corporate Plan.


Performance and Finance Report
This provides an overview of performance of the council - focusing on our key priority indicators and projects.


Local Development Framework

The Council’s adopted spatial strategy and planning policy framework for managing the future growth and development of the Borough is called the Local Development Framework (LDF).

Below you can access some of Sutton's other key plans.