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Accessibility statement

Our commitment

We have developed a web publishing policy which sets out the standards and guidelines which should be followed by anyone who is commissioning, developing, designing or editing websites for Sutton Council.

The policy has been created to ensure that we follow best-practice accessibility guidelines such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defined by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) web accessibility initiative, and they have been further enhanced through feedback from real people.

We ensure that the pages on www.sutton.gov.uk meet the checkpoints of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to Level AA standards, and we strive towards AAA compliance wherever possible.

All sites that are developed to be part of our website presence (ie on the www.sutton.gov.uk domain) are also encouraged to meet these standards.

Viewing options

Web page display options allows you to change how the website looks, to choose the size of the text, the colour of the text and the colour of the background.

The BBC’s site My web my way provides useful advice on using the accessibility settings in browsers and operating systems. Microsoft provides advice for those using Microsoft browsers: Microsoft advice. Apple provides advice for those using Apple products and Mac browsers: Apple advice.

Difficulty using a mouse 

You can navigate through the site using your keyboard if you prefer this to using a mouse. The ‘tab’ key will move your cursor to each of the navigation options or links on the screen. Pressing 'Enter’ will select the link. The 'page up' and 'page down' keys on your keyboard will also move the page up or down.

Screen readers

The website is designed so that people with sight difficulties may use screen readers to access the content and navigate the page. However, some areas, such as documents in Portable Document Format (PDFs) may not be suitable for screen readers. We are working towards more accessible PDFs but in the meantime, if you have any issues with a document, please use talking browser option (which can read pdf documents from our site) or contact us and we will provide it in a suitable format.


Our website uses Google translate to offer information in other languages.

Images, audio and video

We aim to provide a text description for all non-text content including images, videos and audio. The 'alt' key for images provides a description of each static image and we provide transcripts for all audio content.


We aim to make all links descriptive; it should be clear where the link will take you. The ‘tab’ key on your keyboard (and on your mouse) will move your cursor consecutively from link to link.

PDF files

We provide some extra information on our website in Portable Document Format (PDF). You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files, it can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website. Adobe also provide tools to convert PDF documents into plain text or plain HTML documents to help provide accessible information to people with sight difficulties:

Information in alternative formats

If you cannot access any information provided on this site we will do our best to provide you with an appropriate alternative format. Please contact us.