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Use of cookies

What is a 'cookie'?
A cookie is a temporary text message stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies enable us to understand how people access and use our website. This helps us improve or make our website work more efficiently.

Use of cookies
From the 26 May 2011, new Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations came into effect, stipulating how cookies should be used.

The Information Commissioner's Office has issued guidance on the changes and Sutton Council is currently reviewing its use of cookies in line with the guidance.

To opt-out, delete or reject cookies
We recommend you allow the cookies set by this website as they help us provide a better service. However, if you do not want to receive cookies there are a number of options available. You can:

1. set your browser either to reject all cookies, 
2. only allow "trusted" sites to set them, or 
3. accept only those cookies from those websites that you are currently on.

Our latest cookie report
You can view or download the latest version of the London Borough of Sutton Cookie Report.

Regarding cookies - a message from our website provider
"As you will be aware the EU Privacy directive will come into effect on the 25th May. GOSS have been asked in the last week or so by a number of clients about the implementation of an opt-out banner to give website visitors the ability to switch on/off cookies when they arrive at your site.

GOSS current standpoint regarding cookies is that GOSS iCM has been developed without the need for intrusive cookies and therefore a banner is not necessary in order to comply with this legislation. This would include Google Analytics until the ICO provide further guidance as to their standpoint on website analytics, more information is available in this statement by UK Government Minister for Communications, Ed Vaizey MP.  However, there is a requirement to make the use of cookies more prominent and transparent on your site, a good example of this is the 'where we use cookies' in the top utilities at one of our clients www.westberks.gov.uk which also mentions the cookies that iCM uses.

There is a of course a probability that an opt-out banner will be necessary in the event your site includes third-party applications that require the use of intrusive cookies to operate. As these third-party applications are outside of the iCM implementation and every client site is completely different it is not possible for GOSS to determine or define a generic solution that will meet the needs of all our clients in these instances. 
GOSS advocate that, if you have not already done so, you undertake a full cookie audit of your website and if cookies are being stored by these applications GOSS could, if required develop a banner for your site to assist in suppressing them, this may well impact on that specific application from functioning normally.  As you can appreciate each of our clients will have different requirements and therefore we are unable to build a one-size-fits-all solution and the cost for developing and deploying the banner will be on a client by client, site by site basis.  If you have conducted a cookie audit and would like GOSS to provide an opt out banner then please contact your Account Manager."

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