Sutton’s annual community awards

Sutton's Community awards celebrating unsung heroes

Celebrating Sutton's unsung heroes 

Each year, the Sutton Council Community Awards recognises individuals and groups who have made an exceptional contribution to making Sutton a better place to live. To ensure that we recognise a range of outstanding residents, awards are given for the following categories: 

Nominations are open to everyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in the borough. So now is your chance to shine a spotlight and ensure your nominees efforts don't go unrecognised.

Award categories for this year's awards 

Young outstanding achievement-  

Do you know someone under the age of 21 who deserves credit for an exceptional academic, sporting, artistic and cultural achievement?

Outstanding achievement-

Do you know someone who over the age of 21 deserves special recognition for an academic, sporting, artistic or cultural achievement?

Improving lives with community spirit- 

Do you know someone who goes that ‘extra mile’? Do they improve others lives? How do they make London Borough of Sutton a better place?Are they an individual, group, business, organisation, charity or social enterprise?

Keeping Sutton safe- 

Do you know someone who helps keep others out of harm? Do they work in the public sector? Are they a group or network that ensure the safety of others? Do they work in or support  the emergency services?

Outstanding volunteer- 

Do you know someone whose volunteering efforts go above and beyond?

Outstanding volunteer group -

Are there any volunteers who achieve great things by working in a team? Could they be colleagues or even a business that help others in their spare time?'

If you have any questions please email the Sutton Community awards team