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Commissioning Framework

These pages set out our framework to deliver a council-wide approach to commissioning. Following the decision to become a commissioning council in October 2011 we have adopted a single overarching model for how the council commissions that focuses on commissioning for outcomes with the emphasis on seeing things as much from a citizen or user perspective as a professional one.

This framework will help officers, whether they are commissioners or are a stakeholder involved in commissioning activity, to apply the council-wide approach, to be able to demonstrate best practice and to discharge their duty to obtain best value.

The framework provides advice and guidance and links to further resources to help commissioners undertake their work (see right hand side panel - navigation). The framework is also useful for potential providers in understanding Sutton’s approach.

The new approach to commissioning will be applied across all services whether they are provided for internal or external customers. Importantly, the approach to commissioning does not mean that services will be automatically outsourced nor does it mean that services will necessarily be directly provided by the Council. Rather the approach will lead to more mixed methods of service delivery including in house, mutualisation, social enterprise and management buy-out proposals, for example, as well as more traditional out sourcing solutions.
(Sutton’s Residents First: Implementing the Smarter Council, 2012)

Niall Bolger, Chief Executive