Commissioning Framework

Guidance for Commissioners

There are a number of European, national and local ​i​.e. L​ondon ​B​orough of ​S​utton​ requirements which you need to consider and in some cases abide by.

The Commissioning Board is responsible for considering and approving commissioning activity and commissioners should pay particular attention to ensuring that their proposals can show that they achieve the requirements set out in our standards which form the centrepiece of the Gateway process.

The way in which the standards have been incorporated into the gateway approach can be found in the Commissioning Activity Checklist - this document should be used by project managers when reporting to the Commissioning Board.

The Commissioning advice and resources aka Toolkit slide pack provides a useful single starting point.

Guidance is available on what you need to consider:

Commissioners will need to determine, depending on the specific circumstances of their commissioning activity and the requirements of the Board, the particular use they will need to make of these.

Our Market Development Strategy provides a guide for commissioners to achieve clarity and consistency in our approach to managing markets for public services in Sutton.