Sutton's digital strategy

Our vision

Providing the services our citizens need through the use of future technologies.

Our vision is informed by the following principles:

  • directing resources to where they are most needed
  • communicating with residents and businesses using digital platforms
  • building a lasting and effective infrastructure for Sutton
  • delivering cost effective services
  • putting digital at the heart of all we do
  • focussing on people, not services
  • enabling self-service for all our customers

We will realise our vision by:

  • working with colleagues - helping colleagues to identify and introduce digital improvements, transforming and improving the way we all work
  • enhancing the customer experience - changing the way we connect and communicate with residents to understand their needs and ambitions
  • working with partners of Sutton Council - by introducing new technologies that work beyond organisational boundaries

Our digital strategy will help support and deliver the borough’s vision to be a Smart Place, enabling the delivery  of a number of benefits to customers and our borough as a place.

Benefits to our customers

Through the use of information and digital technologies our customers will benefit in a number of ways:

  • improved online services by re-designing them with our customers needs in mind
  • increased online payments so our customers can take advantage of paying for services on our website
  • increased collaboration between the council and its communities by increasing our communication channels and being a data-led organisation. This will allow us to further improve our services by better understanding our customer needs. For example, we are currently looking to work more closely with care providers through better use of technology. This will provide the council improved data on attendance monitoring/billing, allowing us to work closely with care providers to improve the service and drive out inefficiencies
  • increased automation in day to day activity, allowing staff to focus on actions and providing better outcomes
  • increased self-serve and improved website design to meet customer needs
  • improved public IT facilities in a community setting, a modern library loan management system and new self-service kiosks
  • centralised records of our customers, to simplify and reduce interactions between customers and the council. This will help to provide a foundation for the council’s longer term ambition of providing a one-touch service with other agencies i.e. the ability to hold a central record of the customer accessed by a number of agencies

Benefits to our borough

  • a borough that is better connected through a public network, allowing inter-connectivity between business, public organisations, partners and customers. In turn, helping us to work together, attract more business and create job opportunities.
  • a reduction in Sutton’s carbon footprint through smarter energy management
  • more efficient interactions between the borough’s public organisations and partners and sharing of information and data developing services that are responsive to the social and economic needs of communities.