Shared pension administration service

Deferred member - no longer paying into the scheme but not yet retired

Any members who are no longer paying into the scheme and your qualifying scheme membership totals 2 years or more, you will be entitled to deferred benefits.  As a deferred member, your pension will continue to increase each year in line with inflation.  After you have left employment, we will defer your record and send you a letter and statement detailing the value of your deferred benefits. 

You will normally have the option to transfer out your benefits to another pension scheme. If you wish to do this, you will need to contact the pension scheme to which you intending to transfer your pension benefits to, who will then contact us to arrange for the transfer to take place. Alternatively you can keep your pension benefits with us until you decide to draw them.  It is important to note that you may only draw your benefits if you have left the employment to which they relate.

Here, you can find out more about when you can claim your deferred benefits.

If you are a deferred member of the Sutton and Kingston LGPS fund you can manage your account on the Pensions On Line website. There, deferred members are able to:

  • update personal details
  • view your service, earnings and contributions and your nomination details

It is your responsibility to keep your address details up to date via the site.

From August 2018, you will be able to view your annual benefit statement on line. If you would like a copy of your statement emailed to you or sent to your home address, please contact

You will need to register if you have not accessed the site before. Please contact if you have problems registering.