Shared pension administration service

Pensioners - currently getting a pension from the scheme

Arrangements for payments

Once we receive all of the required information, your pension will be put into payment for the next available payroll and will be paid in twelve equal installments in arrears. If you are a pensioner in the Kingston Pension Fund you will be paid on the 29th of the month or the last working day before and on the last Thursday of each month if you are a pensioner in the Sutton Pension Fund.

If your pension is below a certain amount, we will pay you annually.

Hard copy payslips are not produced every month by our payroll provider, Agilsys.  However, the following arrangement will apply:

  • you will receive a payslip for your first pension payment
  • you will receive a payslip as standard, for your pension payments in April and March each year
  • in addition, you will receive a payslip in any other month where there is a difference of at least £5.00 in your net pension when compared to the previous month’s payment
  • an annual statement of all monthly pension payments made in the year to March will produced every April and sent to you

Your pension from the Scheme is increased each year in April line with the cost of living which is measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

When you need to contact us

If you take up further employment with any Local Authority or employer which allows you access to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), you MUST notify us immediately in writing as your pension may be subject to reduction or suspension.

If you change your address, please contact us so we can update our pension system as well as payroll.

Association of Retired Kingston Council Officers (ARCO)

ARCO run a series of events for retired Kingston Council officers.