Mid-term or in-year admissions

Applications for a transfer between schools mid-term

Primary schools

If you are looking to transfer from one Sutton school to another, please arrange for a meeting with your current head teacher to discuss the reason for transfer and complete a transfer application form which can only be obtained from your current school.

If your child attends a primary school outside Sutton please download the mid term primary application form.

Secondary schools

Please complete the mid-term secondary application form

The transfer process is not quick. Depending on the new school, it can be delayed until the start of the next full school term. The process involves information being gathered from the current school to make an informed decision around the appropriate type of provision and support required.

As part of the application process, the schools admissions team will write to you to advise a suitable course of action. If there is evidence to support an immediate transfer, an application will be processed. However, please note that applications made to avoid exclusion or levels of support from an existing school, will not normally be processed immediately. Advice can be sought from the schools admissions team, using the schools' general enquiry form.

Applying for a school place - supplementary forms

Some schools require additional information to consider your application. Contact your preferred schools directly to see if one is needed, as part of your mid-term application.



Further information 

If you need any assistance or further information regarding school applications, please contact us using our online enquiry form.