Applying for a nursery place - Apply for a place

Find out how to apply for a nursery place at a Sutton Community school. Each Sutton Primary and Infants' school, with the exception of Stanley Park Infants' School and Bandon Hill Primary Wood Field, has its own nursery.

How many community school nurseries are there in Sutton?

There are 24 community school nurseries in Sutton. If you are applying for a nursery place at a Community school, you can do so online from 1st September 2014. You have until 15 January 2015 to apply.

Nursery intake in Sutton

There is now only one main intake for nursery each year, which is in September. The earliest that a child will normally be considered to start at a Sutton Community nursery is at the beginning of the September following their third birthday. It may, however, be possible for younger children to gain a place starting mid-way through the academic year.

Voluntary aided and academy schools 

If you are applying for a nursery place at one of the six Voluntary-Aided or two Academy schools in Sutton, you must apply directly to the school, as the process is different. Please contact these schools directly for details.

How many hours am I entitled to?

Sutton school nurseries offer 15 hours per week nursery provision which is free. For further information about nursery provision in Sutton and the funding that is available, please contact the Family Information Service.

Further information 

Before you apply, you are strongly advised to:

1. Read when your child can start nursery

2. Read the Starting Nursery Guidance Booklet

Please note: admission to a nursery class does not guarantee a place in the reception class of the same school. You will need to make a separate application which will be considered against the admission criteria in place at the time.