Applying for secondary school (year 7)

Key dates

1 September 2018

Online applications open.

September to October 2018

Parents and carers can arrange visits to schools. Please visit school websites for details.

31st October 2018

Closing date for applications. After this date your application will be considered as late.

12 December 2018

Latest date that an application that is late for good reason can be accepted. Reasons and evidence must be presented with the application before this date.

1 March 2019

Applicants who use a paper form will receive their outcome in a letter sent by first class post on this date.

Evening of 1 March 2019

Results available for applications submitted online.

May to July 2019

Admissions appeals.

July 2019

Students transferring to Sutton secondary schools spend a day at their new school - check with individual schools for details.

Contact us

If you need any assistance or further information regarding school applications, please contact us using our online enquiry form.