Winter Information Centre

Bin and tree collections over the Christmas holidays

When to put out your bins or Christmas tree over Christmas and New Year. Covering Christmas Eve (24 December 2016) to 3 January 2017.

Rubbish and recycling collection

Your rubbish and recycling collection days won't change, unless your usual collection day is Boxing day.

Boxing day - Monday 26 December 2016:
  • if your rubbish or recycling is due to be collected on Monday 26 December, we won't be able to empty your bins until Tuesday or Wednesday
  • please put your bins out on Tuesday 27 December, before 6am, and leave out until our crew can empty them

Christmas tree collection

From Monday 9 January to Saturday 21 January 2017, we'll collect real christmas trees with your recycling.

So when your recycling is due to be collected, you can also put out your christmas tree:
  • houses - just put your tree next to your recycling bins
  • flats - please put your tree by the kerbside (don't put the tree in your bin store)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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