Beddington Enforcement Trial

BBQ hiring and enforcement trial 2018

Enjoy a barbecue in Beddington Park

Families & friends are welcome to barbecue (BBQ) in Beddington Park on the barbecue stands provided.  Many local people do not have their own gardens, and we want as many people as possible to enjoy our parks over the summer. We only allow disposable barbecues, which must be placed on one of our six stands.  Portable charcoal or gas barbecues are not allowed. The barbecue stands have built-in metal bins for you to slide hot waste into, to keep the barbecue areas clean and safe.

From 21 May 2018, barbecues must be booked and paid for using our online booking system. Booking details and full terms & conditions are available at the following page.

If you want to hold an event where you plan to sell food & drink, or use amplified music, you must apply through our booking process.

Keeping Beddington Park safe and welcoming

Sutton’s parks are there for all our residents and visitors to use and enjoy. In order to keep Beddington Park tidy and respect other park users, we ask visitors to follow some simple guidelines:

  • be considerate of all other visitors and the local wildlife
  • dispose of all litter in the bins provided. If you expect to produce a lot of litter, from a large group barbecue or picnic, consider bringing bin liners with you
  • park only in designated car parks. Do not park along access roads, or in a position that blocks another vehicle. A map of the main parking areas is shown below
  • please clean up after your dogs and dispose of dog fouling in the bins provided
  • keep pets and young children supervised at all times, especially around the barbecue area
  • do not light fires in the park, or use barbecues outside the designated stands
  • do not erect tents, gazebos or structures without permission. Groups who hire a barbecue may erect one small gazebo (no larger than 3 x 3m in size).

Please see our parks byelaws for a more detailed list of unauthorised activities in parks.

Beddington Park Enforcement Trial 2018

From Monday 7 May 2018, enforcement officers from District Enforcement Ltd will be present in Beddington Park as part of a six-month trial. They will not issue charges until 21 May 2018. For the first two weeks, they will be in the park to educate and raise awareness of the new enforcement. These officers will cover:

  • environmental enforcement. Littering, dog fouling, setting fires and other contraventions of the parks byelaws may also be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £80
  • bbq booking management. As of 21 May, the static barbecue stands will no longer be available to use for free. Instead, you can book them using the booking system online
  • parking enforcement. You will only be allowed to park in the designated car parks, not on other areas such as grass or access roads. Parking in designated car parks remains free of charge. Parking elsewhere in the park may result in a Parking Charge Notice of £100.

Why introduce an enforcement trial?

In the Summer of 2017, Beddington Park faced a number of problems with regards to the use of the park. Large numbers of cars were parking in undesignated areas, which often caused blockages. Groups of people arrived with large gas barbecues or made fires on the ground. There were also issues with excessive noise from certain groups, and anti-social behaviour.

In order to ensure that Beddington Park remains open and accessible to all members of the community, it was decided by Beddington & Wallington Local Committee to introduce an enforcement trial during 2018. A trial rather than permanent contract was proposed to test whether or not the solution will be effective and affordable.


We welcome any feedback on this service. You can do this by completing a feedback form here. We will be performing a more detailed review towards the end of the six month trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does this affect?

Everyone using Beddington Park is subject to these rules.

How do I recognise Enforcement Officers?

Officers will be wearing a high-visibility uniform that contains the London Borough of Sutton logo, and the name of the company, District Enforcement.

How do I book a barbecue?

All the information about booking barbecues, including prices and terms and conditions, is available on this page.

Can I bring my own barbecue?

The only way to barbecue in Beddington Park is to use the static barbecues provided. These are stands for disposable barbecues.

How much does it cost to book a barbecue?

Currently, it costs £15 for 2 hours, £20 for a half day (4 hours) and £40 for a full day.

Where can I park?

All designated parking areas have signs nearby saying that this is an area you can park in. Signage will clearly define where you can and cannot park. For the main parking areas, please see the map below.

Will enforcement be fair and proportionate?

The Enforcement Officers are trained to be reasonable when handing out notices. They will provide warnings and act in an advisory capacity before issuing penalties.

How can I contact the council about this trial?

You can contact us using our online feedback form.

For enquiries and complaints about paying tickets, contact District Enforcement.

For all other enquiries, please call our customer contact centre

Beddington Park Parking Map