Report a missed bin collection

Before reporting a missed collection 

  • check that you have a current garden waste collection subscription 
  • check that your bins went out on the right day - find your bin collection day  ​​​​
  • our crews have until the end of the day on your collection day to collect your waste. You will not be able to report a missed collection until the morning of the following day. For example if your collection day is Monday you will not be able to report a missed collection until Tuesday morning.
  • missed collections must be reported within 2 days.

Please note: before you report a missed garden waste collection, please check that you have an up to date subscription. The period to renew 2017/18 subscriptions has now has now passed so you will need to sign up for a new (2018/19) subscription.

Once you’ve reported your missed bin, please leave your waste outside for collection. We aim to collect it within two days (excluding Sundays).

Report a missed collection here

Please note: Once you have entered your postcode into our waste reporting tool to find out your collection day or report a missed bin. It can take a couple of seconds to retrieve your address or collection details. Thank you for your patience.

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