Worcester Park fire

If residents would like more information please follow this link

Worcester Park Fire

Request replacement bins and boxes

Replacing lost or damaged bins

If your recycling or waste containers are damaged or missing, you can order replacements. We don't charge for replacement containers.

Use our online form to request a replacement waste or recycling container.

green wheelie bin
Green wheelie bin for paper, card and cardboard
recycling box
Green recycling box (with lid) for plastics, glass, cans and cartons
outside food bin
Food waste container (outdoor)
kitchen caddy
Food waste kitchen caddy (indoor)
brown wheelie bin
Brown wheelie bin for general (non-recyclable) rubbish

Additional/larger waste and recycling bins

Every household on the standard collection service for houses should have at least one of each of the containers above.

This should be sufficient to store two weeks worth of waste recycling - please remember to squash plastic bottles, crush cans and fold cardboard boxes to make the most of the space.

If you occasionally need extra recycling capacity for your mixed recycling (such as after a family gathering or party) you can put your plastics, glass, cans and cartons in plastic bags (please leave them untied), cardboard boxes or your own plastic boxes.  Pop them next to your green recycling box on collection day and our crews will make sure it all gets recycled.

If you live in a household of 5 or more, or have a medical condition that means you generate additional rubbish, you can request additional mixed recycling containers or a larger brown wheelie bin for your non-recyclable waste.