Your new waste and recycling service in 2017

Service update for April 2017

We thank residents for their patience as we introduce our new waste and recycling service, and apologise for the issues some residents have encountered.

Veolia is deploying extra staff on each recycling crew to help clear outstanding kerbside recycling rounds. They also continue to deploy support crews to deal with any missed bins, boxes and roads not collected. 

We are aware there are some issues with flats and communal properties in particular. We apologise and are working with colleagues at Veolia to resolve outstanding collections. 

Please use our new report it tool here to let us know about missed collections.

Anybody who already has two green wheelie bins can use one for paper and card and the other for cans, plastics, glass and cartons. If you want to do this please make sure the two wheelie bins are clearly labelled.

Green Garden Waste Collections
If you subscribe to the garden waste collection service, please place your wheelie bin(s) out for collection on the same day as your brown wheelie bin. If your garden waste has not been collected please report it as a missed collection here.

If you have subscribed but are waiting on delivery of a garden waste wheelie bin, please bear with us. We will deliver one as soon as possible. Your subscription starts from your first collection. If you are still waiting for your wheelie bin to arrive we apologise and can confirm you will still receive a full 26 collections.


Getting in touch
We have updated our online reporting tools so residents can quickly let us know about any outstanding collections from the last two days, view your next collection dates, and manage your waste and recycling containers. You can find the new tool here.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during the introduction of the new recycling service.

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