Waste and recycling

When are my bins collected?

Find out when your rubbish and recycling is collected and also download the waste collection calendar for your property.

Report a missed rubbish or recycling collection

If we've missed your bins by mistake and you want to rearragne collection.

Recycling - what to put where

Find out about your recycling service, what you can put in the green box or brown food caddy, other recycling centres around Sutton and what to do with batteries or textiles.

Request new or replacement bins and boxes

If you need an additional bin/container or you would like to replace one, please use the online form here.

Get a bulky waste collection

Find out how to get large items like furniture, fridges and washing machines taken away.

Reuse and Recycling Centre (the tip)

Find out about the Reuse and Recycing Centre (RRC) on Kimpton Road: the opening hours, what you need to take with you, the web cam to see if there's a queue and more.

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