Maintenance to online waste and recycling services

We’re performing planned maintenance on our online waste and recycling services from 6pm to 8pm. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please use our simple contact form to request any waste services from us.

Waste service contact form


What the trees team does

To maintain and manage public trees that grow on highways and park sites, the trees team:

  • routinely inspect the structural and biological condition of the public tree stock and organises tree works (following best practice). Tree inspection/works schedules can be found on our Tree inspection and pruning page.

  • provides a 24hr emergency service

  • promotes trees and a general presumption against removal of healthy trees where possible

  • organizes and monitors the council’s term contractor

  • respond to enquiries from, amongst others, residents and resident’s groups, businesses, councillors, other council departments and officers, friends groups, and learning service

  • works with the Council’s insurance department to resolve claims for damages linked to trees