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Timescales for tree works requests

The response times for works on trees depends on the impact on health and safety and the type of work needed.

Emergency works – responded to normally within 1 - 2hrs. Please contact 0208 770 5000 if you need to report:

  • an unstable tree

  • a broken or hanging branch which is overhanging a road, footpath or right of way

  • a fallen tree (or part of a tree) which is causing an obstruction to a road, footpath or major right of way

Urgent works – responded to normally within 8 weeks. These include:

  • cutting back/pruning or cutting down a public tree which is causing damage to a property

  • cutting back/pruning a tree to remove or reduce a claim against the council (if agreed with the council’s insurance department) – for instance, a branch (from a public tree) which is touching a property and may cause damage

  • dead trees which are not an immediate threat to people or property

Routine works – are on a 4 year cyclical programme (which you can find on our Tree inspection and pruning page) and include:

  • crown (branches and leaves) lifting to clear roads and footpaths and rights of way

  • crown thinning to allow more light to nearby properties

  • crown reducing to cut back overhang to neighbouring properties

  • hanging branches in a park or open space

  • pruning trees away from street furniture such as telephone lines and streetlights

  • stump removal