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Tree works the Council will undertake

If the tree issue is an emergency, please report it to us by calling 020 8770 5000. 

Here is a list of the main areas of tree works the Council is legally obligated to undertake:

  • potentially Hazardous Trees – where the tree poses a significant threat to people or property, it will be felled or, at least, have remedial works conducted to reduce the threat to an acceptable level

  • trees affecting public access or highway safety – where there is a risk to the public from overhanging branches (therefore, affecting the line of sight of both drivers and pedestrians) the council will cut back branches

  • basal growth – the council has an annual programme (from May to September) to cut back small branches and leaves at the base of a tree that have grown so much so that they restrict line of sight or encroach across pavements or into roads.

  • damage to property, including -

    1. damage to walls and drives

    2. subsidence

    3. direct damage from tree failure

If you think that a tree is damaging your property then you should contact your household insurer who will be able to advise.