Environmental sustainability

Sutton Environment Strategy

Sutton Environment Strategy

The Sutton Environment Strategy 2019 - 2025 sets out our ambition to become London's most sustainability borough by 2025. Residents, community groups, the council and businesses will be working together to deliver this vision using the following chapters within the strategy:

  • Cleaner air
  • A greener borough
  • Using less energy
  • Creating a circular economy
  • Tackling climate change

The vision

Sutton will be London's most sustainable borough. 

The air will be cleaner as more of us will travel by bike, public transport or on food. The boroughs green space will be protected and linked to new green spaces, created in areas lacking parks and space for nature conservation. The council's carbon emissions will fall as will energy use per household. More energy will come from renewable or low-carbon sources, such as solar. Fewer people will live in fuel poverty. Sutton will be a testbed for the circular economy; keeping materials in use at their highest value for as long as possible; through reuse, repair or re-manufaturing. Waste will be reduced. The borough and particularly vulnerable people will be resilient to the impacts of climate change including heatwaves, droughts and flooding. We will each use less water. Everyone will play their role in reducing their impact on the environment.