Environmental sustainability

One Planet Sutton

Sutton has committed to becoming a one planet borough by 2025.

One Planet Sutton is about helping Sutton become a place where we can lead happy healthy lives in a way which reduces our dependence on resources and helps to save money. Residents, community groups, the council and businesses will be working together to deliver this vision using the five One Planet Sutton themes below:

  • Cutting carbon emissions
  • Cutting waste
  • Valuing our natural environment
  • Supporting healthy communities
  • Supporting the local economy 

If everyone in the world lived as we did in Sutton, we would need almost three planets' worth of resources to maintain our lifestyle (our ecological footprint). This is unsustainable, and expensive. We need to change this and reduce out footprint to a one planet level.

We believe sustainability is also about affordability and delivering the best public services through working in partnership with the community.

We have committed to ensuring that we are all able to live happy and healthy lives in a way which helps to save money and reduce dependence on resources.

For more information and to find out your ecological footprint, visit the Bioregional One Planet calculator