Environmental sustainability

Tackling food waste

Small Change, Big Difference

Did you know that London’s households throw away 890,000 tonnes of food each year? What is even more surprising is that 60% (540,000 tones) of that food is deemed ‘avoidable’ food waste -  it’s perfectly good food which could have still been eaten.

The council is taking part in a project to help Sutton residents eat food which is good for their health, the environment and also helps to save them money by reducing the amount of good food that is thrown away. 

During March 2019 we will be hosting a free event for residents and sharing lots of tips on how you can save money, eat healthy and reduce your food waste. One of the activities taking place during March is a free meal event for Sutton residents. There will be a limited amount of spaces, but anyone who lives in the borough will be able to register to attend event. People attending will not only be provided with a freee meal, but also tips to save money, eat healthly and reduce food waste. More information will be posted soon, so keep checking this page. 

The council will also be publishing a free booklet of tips, ideas and menus for people living, working or studying in the borough. 

Environmental charity, Groundwork London are delivering bite-sized training sessions for community leaders and groups to learn how to make an impact in their local area. If this sounds like you, please email mahlet.mairegu@groundwork.org.uk or call 020 7960 4283 to book a session.  

This work is funded via the London Small Change, Big Difference project.  Small change, big difference is part of a European Union LIFE funded project called TRiFOCAL (Transforming City FOod hAbits for Life). The funding has been awarded to Resource London, a partnership between the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and the London Waste and Recycling Board and Groundwork London who are working hard to encourage Londoners to change their behaviour in relation to the way they shop, prepare, store, eat and dispose of food.

For more information, please visit Small Change, Big Difference or email sustainability@sutton.gov.uk