Environmental sustainability

Five themes

Cutting carbon emissions

Cutting carbon emissions is about saving energy in our buildings, and travelling sustainably.

Our aim is to reduce the amount of CO2 produced by the borough's buildings as much as possible through energy efficiency, eventually meeting all our energy needs through renewable energy. This will help us reduce our energy bills and help bring residents out of fuel poverty.

Travelling around and out of our borough should be as environmentally friendly and fuel efficient as possible, making Sutton a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live.

Cutting waste 

The aim of this theme is to minimise the use of resources by reducing the amount of waste we produce and to reuse, recycle or use sustainable materials wherever possible.

Our aim is to reduce the waste we create through reducing reusing, recycling and using waste as an energy source, eventually sending no waste to landfill.

We live in a throwaway culture, where 'disposable' and 'single use' items are cheap and accessible. One Planet Sutton looks at how we reduce the impact of the products we buy, using items which are from sustainable sources, and that have a low impact on the environment.

Valuing our natural environment

The aim of this theme is to focus on how we treat the natural world, ensuring our food is grown sustainably and sourced locally, that we use water efficiently and that we protect and enhance biodiversity.

One Planet Sutton aims to enable residents to access fresh, seasonal and healthy food from local sources.

Sutton has 46 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, as well as our gardens and green spaces. We want to protect and expand existing local natural habitats, and create new spaces for wildlife.

Water uses energy to purify, pump and heat. Our aim is to reduce our use of water across the borough, reducing water stress and the risk of flooding within Sutton.

Supporting healthy communities

Supporting healthy communities is about ensuring people are able to lead happy, healthy lives, and the culture and heritage of Sutton's residents is celebrated.

Our aim is to increase participation in community life, encouraging and enabling residents to celebrate local identity through our history and culture.

We also want to support residents to lead healthy lives, and achieve positive physical and mental wellbeing.

Supporting the local economy

We aim to support local businesses, ensuring people are fairly paid and all have access to the skills and training they need. This theme is also about ensuring equitability by enabling residents to have their say on issues, and supporting fair trade.