Environmental sustainability

Our performance

To help achieve the One Planet Sutton ambitions, the council has adopted a series of One Planet Sutton Priority targets. The targets cover each of the 5 One Planet Sutton themes, please view the link for further information:

Our progress towards the targets is monitored via annual One Planet Sutton Progress Reports. The most recent reports can be viewed via the following links:

Please click on the link for further technical information and previous reports are available by emailing oneplanet@sutton.gov.uk.

Our progress is independently reviewed and endorsed by Bioregional. This is published in the summary of Bioregional’s findings.

In addition to the priority targets, the council also adopted set of long term targets in October 2013. The long term targets were reviewed in June 2017 which resulted in a series of technical amends. These technical amends were adopted by the Councils Environment & Neighbourhoods committee on 18th June 2015.

A report reviewing all 2017 targets will be published shortly after the 2017 deadline.

A full list of the One Planet Sutton targets to 2050 can be viewed here:

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