Environmental sustainability

Creating a circular economy

Our vision for creating a circular economy

A circular economy keeps products and materials in use at their highest value for as long as possible; for example returing items for repair when broken or at the end of their useful life, rather than being thrown away. Our aim is to work with Sutton's businesses to harness the potential of the circular economy and undertake circular economy pilot projects by 2025. Being a circular economy will benefit the borough through long-term resilience, business and economic opportunities and environmental and societal benefits. In the shorter-term, we will aim for Sutton's recycling rate to be 50 per cent or higher· 

Focus areas

  • Undertake circular economy pilot projects.
  • Maximise opportunities to procure goods and services sustainably. 

The targets

  • Promote recycling and keep Sutton's recycling rate at 50 per cent or higher.
  • Help people throw less away and acheive year on year reductions in the amount of rubbish (residual waste) produced by each household.
  • Help people reduce the amount of avoidable food waste they throw away by 20 per cent by 2025.