Environmental sustainability

Fairtrade borough

Sutton council works in partnership with the Sutton community Fairtrade group which includes representatives from voluntary groups, churches, schools and businesses in the borough.

The way that international trading systems work means that farmers in developing countries are greatly disadvantaged. By choosing to buy products that have the Fairtrade mark consumers can be assured that the goods have been produced under agreed labour and environmental standards that directly benefit farmers and their families in developing countries ,and give them a route out of poverty.

The unique factor about the Fairtrade label is that farmers also receive a Fairtrade premium which has to be used to fund and develop health, education of infrastructure facilities for the community as a whole.

There are now over 6,000 Fairtrade products which include

  • gold
  • cotton wool
  • ice cream
  • olive oil
  • tea
  • coffee
  • chocolate

Find out more about Fairtrade activity in Sutton, what Fairtrade products you can purchase, and where you can purchase them locally.

Not only is Sutton a Fairtrade Borough, but London is also a Fairtrade city. Find out more information, including London wide activities.

Details of Fairtrade activity happening nationally, including access to a whole range of downloadable resources can be found here.

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