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Parks and facilities

Friends groups



Friends groups provide a strong focus for our parks. The groups' enthusiasm and commitment can lend weight to both small and large projects and issues, as well as often providing an eyes and ears service.

What they do

A friends group can help a park by:

  • Bidding for external funds
  • Taking part in improvement activities and running park projects and events
  • Keeping a notice board up to date
  • Reporting damage/incidents in the park top either the police or parks officers 
  • Bringing a park visitor's perspective to discussions on standards and how maintenance work is carried out


Friends groups in Sutton

If you are interested in joining an established group, use the contact details below. If there are no contact details or you want to know more about setting up a new group, such as at Seears Park or Benhill Recreation Ground, please contact the Parks Service on 020 8770 5070 or email parks.serviceenquiries@sutton.gov.uk.