Parks and facilities - Beddington Park and The Grange HLF Project

In July 2016 Sutton Council were successfully awarded funding from the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery Funds to deliver a £3.7m project to restore, conserve and enhance Beddington Park.

This project was part of a commitment from Sutton Council to have projects which are commissioned by residents to improve their environment.

The project includes:

  • improvements to entrances
  • improvement to access and parking
  • installation of interpretation panels
  • restoration and improvements to the Grange Garden (to include an apple orchard)
  • development of a new garden space in the churchyard extension
  • dredging and improvement works to the lake and stock pond
  • the enlargement and improvement of the children’s playground
  • For more information on the proposals, please view the Beddington Park HLF Project Design Plans.

The project will also involve the delivery of a 3 year programme of activities and events, set to include a range of walks and talks, children’s activities, exercise programmes, art and theatre events as well as a volunteer programme providing training and volunteer opportunities throughout the park.

Works are due to begin late 2016 and continue throughout 2017, with completion anticipated by early 2018. Check back here for further information on the project as it progresses, follow us on Twitter or receive regular updates by joining our mailing list.

Update, January 2017

The lake:
Further tests in the lake have brought to light permeability concerns surrounding the lake bed. The implications of this mean that the initial proposal for a by-pass channel could lead to a high risk of water draining out of the lake. As such the proposal to create a new by-pass channel has had to be withdrawn. However the lake will still be dredged to meet our main goal of cleaning the lake. Currently two proposals are being reviewed:

Option 1: Create a silt trap – this will increase the length of time it takes for the main lake body to silt up again, but the silt trap would require, at a minimum, cleaning out once a year. This requires a significant, ongoing revenue budget as well as suitable access routes for vehicles carrying heavy loads.

Option 2: A straight dredge – this deals directly with removing the significant levels of silt that have built up in the lake but would then lead to further dredging being required in another 40 -50 years.
The silt would still be used to create one large island, to be planted with appropriate trees and shrubs create a great habitat for the wildlife.
Final tests and modelling are being carried out to support a full options appraisal with a decision on the design due to be finalised in March.

The Stockpond: This month a number of trees are being removed from in and around the stock pond as part of the HLF project in Beddington Park. This will allow the pond to be dredged and restored to once again become an attractive water feature in the park.

Currently these trees, most of which are self-sown, cause significant leaf litter that contribute to the silt problem. As part of the restoration a range of plants and trees, that will contribute more significantly to the habitat, will be planted.

For further information on the Project or to get involved, please contact the Project Support and Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Price, on 020 8770 6060 or via email

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