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We’re performing maintenance to our online waste and recycling services 16 November . Sorry for any inconvenience. Please use our simple contact form to request any waste services from us

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Sports and leisure centres

Leisure Centres in Sutton

Find out about our 4 leisure centres and the Youth Zone.

Book and pay for football, rugby or cricket pitches

Use our online booking system to book and pay for football, rugby or cricket pitches.


Find out about the many bowls clubs in the borough.


Find out about the Sutton Tennis Academy and where you can find tennis courts in our parks.

London Youth Games

Find out how to take part in the London Youth Games and represent Sutton in Europe’s largest Youth Sports event.

London Mini Marathon

Find out how to compete in the London Mini Marathon. It's open to all young people aged 11 to 17 years who live within the London Borough of Sutton or attend a Sutton School.

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