Local Plan (in preparation)

Local Plan Examination in Public

Local Plan Examination in Public

Sutton’s Local Plan was submitted for examination on Wednesday 12th April 2017 and Inspector David Smith BA (Hons) DMS MRTPI has been appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out an independent examination of our Local Plan. 

The Inspector undertook hearings in September and has recommended some main modifications to the Draft Local Plan to make the plan sound. A number of these modifications are not supported by the council.

Main Modifications Consultation

The council is now conducting a consultation on the Main Modifications to the Local Plan

The consultation will run from Friday 24 November 2017 to Friday, 12 January 2018. The consultation only concerns the Main Modifications to the plan recommended by the Inspector. These are set out in a Main Modifications Schedule and Draft Local Plan with Modifications on the website. Alternatively these documents can be found in local libraries and in Sutton Civic Centre and the council’s offices at Denmark Road, Carshalton.

The council is also publishing a list of some factual, minor or consequential changes but these are not for consultation.

To make a representation on one of the main modifications:
•    Please send an email or email with attachment to planningpolicy@sutton.gov.uk or 
•    Please send a letter to: Planning Policy, London Borough of Sutton, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton. SM5 2JG

When making a representation:
•    Please make clear which modification number you are commenting on
•    Please remember to base your comments on the Government’s test of soundness: Is the modification positively prepared? Is the modification robust (based on evidence)? Is the modification effective (deliverable)? Is the modification consistent with national planning policy?

When the consultation closes at 5pm on Friday, 12 January 2018, the council will send the representations to the Local Plan Programme Officer. 

Programme Officer

Louise St John Howe has been appointed as the Programme Officer.
She is an independent officer of the examination and works on the inspector’s behalf, organising and managing the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process.

Any queries about the examination or any correspondence to the inspector should be sent to: 
Louise St John
Howe Programme Officer
PO Services
PO Box 10965
Suffolk CO10 3BF 

You can also contact her by emailing louise@poservices.co.uk or calling 07789 486419. 

Examination Information:

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