Complaints and compliments

Complaints & compliments, January to March 2015

Our aim is that all council tax complaints are answered within 20 working days.

Revenues 4th quarter statistics: January 2015 – March 2015


The Revenues Team received 5 complaints during this period.

We deal with 81,349 households as of 31 March 2015, so the number of residents that were unhappy with our service is less than 0.01%

  1. The first complaint related to where the customer questioned the issue of summons, when they had tried to set up a direct debit arrangement. This complaint was not upheld.

  2. The second complaint related to a tax payers Direct Debit not being paid.  It was not paid because the Direct Debit had stood dormant for several years and when we tried to request payment it did not go through. Tax payer has bought account up to date and will reset their Direct Debit in the new financial year. This complaint was not upheld.

  3. The third complaint related to the way summons was handled. This complaint was not upheld.

  4. The fourth complaint related to where a text message and instalment reminder was received by the customer but they had never received the council tax bills previously sent. This case was resolved via a telephone call to the customer. This complaint was not upheld.

  5. The fifth complaint related to where the ratepayer claimed not to be liable but had failed to supply proof to the contrary and further investigation found that he was actually liable. There was no maladministration by the NNDR department. This complaint was not upheld.


3 Compliments were received this quarter

  1. The first compliment related to the help and support received from a Revenues Officer

  2. The second compliment related to help in resolving account queries.

  3. The third compliment related to receiving a prompt answer to a query.

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