Complaints and compliments

Complaints & compliments, July - September 2014

Our aim is that all council tax complaints are answered within 20 working days.

Revenues 2nd quarter statistics: July - September 2014

The Revenues Team received 5 complaints during this period.

We deal with 81,141 households as at 30 September 2014, so the number of residents that were unhappy with our service is less than 0.01%


The first complaint related to the delay of a refund application and the amount was lower than requested. A full explanation and apology was given. This complaint was upheld.

The second complaint related to an incorrect correspondence address being added to an account. An explanation was provided. The complaint was not upheld.

The third complaint related to a tax payer requesting a class C exemption. We are unable to offer this reduction anymore due to changes in legislation This complaint was not upheld.

The fourth complaint related to a summons notice being issued. The taxpayer had not responded to our earlier correspondence where we had confirmed the closing balance to be paid and requested the forwarding address. Therefore, the summons notice was issued correctly. This complaint was not upheld.

The fifth complaint related to a Notice of Liability Order being sent without any previous notification of arrears. A full explanation was provided. This complaint was not upheld.


The Revenues service received no compliments for this quarter.

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