Complaints and compliments

Complaints & compliments, October - December 2014

Our aim is that all council tax complaints are answered within 20 working days.

Revenues 2nd quarter statistics: October - December 2014

The Revenues Team received 4 complaints during this period.

We deal with 81,245 households as of 31 December 2014, so the number of residents that were unhappy with our service is less than 0.01%


The first complaint related to the timing a penalty was imposed for failing to advise of additional occupiers at a property within statutory time limits. An explanation was provided and the complaint was not upheld.

The second complaint related to where a taxpayer disagreed with the CTR granted. Letter sent with full explanation of how it was calculated. Treated as complaint as taxpayer made claims of maladministration due to miscalculation. This case was not upheld.

The third complaint related to where a taxpayer disputed enforcement agent fees. It was fully investigated and found that they were correctly incurred. This complaint was not upheld.

The fourth complaint related to where a Liability Order was passed to the Council's enforcement agents to collect as the customer had failed to make payment on an arrangement. This case was fully investigated and a response sent. This case was not upheld.


1 compliment was received this quarter and related to resolving a query and a recognition of dedication.

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