Births & naming ceremonies

Ordering a copy certificate

Getting copies of certificates has never been easier. If you want to apply for a birth, death or marriage certificate, you can now order it online.

What you need to know:

  • Important! You can only purchase copy birth certificates if the baby was born in the London Borough of Sutton.

  • if the birth has originally been registered at Sutton within the last 3 months, please speak to a Registrar on 0208 770 6790 as the entry may still appear in the current register (therefore may only cost £7)

  • the fee for a standard (or short, where relevant) birth, death or marriage certificate is £10

  • copy certificates should be ordered from the register office where the event occurred

  • if you cannot book online, you can apply in person or by telephone (Monday - Friday  9am - 4:30pm) with a debit or credit card ready when you call or visit

Searching for certificates

If you need a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate, and you know where and when the event happened, the quickest and most cost effective way to apply is to contact the local register office which holds the original register.

If you do not know, you can still contact your local register office and they will advise you on the next steps. The advice is free and may save you time and money.

The following costs for certificates from any register office are:

  • From a register which is completed £10
  • From a register which is still in use £7

Sutton will post your certificate(s) within 5 working days. We can only issue certificates for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships occurring within the borough boundaries. Waiting times for certificates from other register offices may vary.

A priority service is available to personal callers at the Register Office:

  • £20 for a 24 hour priority service

  • £30 for a 1 hour priority service

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