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Following a refurbishment, the Register Office has returned to Russettings 25 Worcester Road, Sutton SM2 6PR which now provides much improved marriage and conference facilities.

If you would like to visit the refurbished rooms please contact us at to arrange a viewing.

For larger wedding ceremonies during the build, please have a look at ceremonies at other registered venues in Sutton

Please read our Sutton council newsroom article for more information about the new marriage and conference room. 

Before carrying on, here are some things you need to know:

  • you must have lived in the London Borough of Sutton for at least 7 clear days before giving notice. If either of you have not, you must give notice in the district where you or partner are living (as long as you have lived there for 7 clears days). It doesn't 't matter if you move in the period of time between giving notice and the ceremony, as residency is only a requirement when giving notice. If in doubt, please contact the Register Office (giving your phone number and a time when we can call you back).
  • if you are not a European Economic Area or Swiss national, or exempt from immigration control, you will both need to attend together at a designated office to do this legal paperwork no matter where you have lived in England or Wales for the last seven clear days. Sutton is not able to complete the notice for you but you can still get married in Sutton.
  • a statutory fee of £35 is payable for each notice.
  • you must have decided on your wedding venue before you attend to give notice
  • there is a £30 booking fee for marriages, civil partnerships and renewal of vows.

To give notice, you need to prove:

  • your nationality, identity and date of birth (normally proof is a current passport or full birth certificate)
  • place of residency for the last seven clear days (normally proof can be utility bills or bank statements)
  • evidence of the ending of any previous marriage or civil partnership - including any name change documentation

After notice is given at the correct district:

A period of twenty eight days has to pass before you may marry. During this period the notice is displayed on the Register Office notice board. On the twenty eighth day the certificate of authority to marry is issued. You need one certificate each for the bride and groom.

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