Marriages & civil partnerships

Arranging a Marriage or Civil Partnership

To discuss your requirements, please contact the Register Office.

There you will be able to obtain legal recognition for the relationship and will have a legal status of civil Partner.

Couples wishing to form a civil partnership will need to give a notice of intention to register to the superintendent registrar of the district in which they live (eg London Borough of Sutton).

There is a legal waiting period of 28 clear days after the notice is given. Provided there are no legal objections, the registration may then take place in the presence of two witnesses and a registration officer.

The civil partnership is actually formed when the appropriate document is signed by both partners.

Choosing a venue

A civil partnership may only take place in a register office or at a licensed venue. There is no provision for a religious ceremony.

Contact your local register office and speak to the civil partnership registrar, who will advise you on how to book your ceremony.

Sutton Register Office

From Monday 2nd October the Register Office will be relocating to Sutton Civic Office while a new marriage and conference room is built. Apart from Russettings, we have a number of other venues around the borough where we can perform your marriage or civil partnership ceremony. 

Giving a notice

Please remember that to form a civil partnership you must complete the following legal preliminaries:

  • both to reside for at least seven days in England or Wales
  • you must give notice of your intention to form a civil partnership by attending your local register office. (If either party is subject to immigration controls please telephone 020 8770 6790 for advice as you will require eligibility from the Home Office). Notices will be on display for the 28 clear day waiting time
  • you must be of the same gender, over 18 years (or provide evidence of consent of parent(s) or guardian if 16-18 years)
  • you must not be related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship
  • you must not be in an existing marriage or civil partnership
  • you must bring with you evidence of your identity and nationality - a current passport is best; and proof of residence - a utility bill or council tax bill. Proof that there is no existing marriage or civil partnership will also be required
  • you must pay the fee of £35 each to give a notice of intention.

The civil partnership

The registration of the partnership must take place between 8am and 6pm in the presence of two witnesses and a registration officer. The civil partnership can take place in any local authority (not just the one where the notices have been given) at register offices and venues licensed for civil partnership. A civil partnership cannot take place in a place of religious worship or any building with a religious association.

Provisional booking

You may make a provisional booking for up to one year ahead. If you would prefer to arrange at short notice we can usually do this for you as well but the 28 day waiting period must always be observed.

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