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Citizenship & nationality

Nationality checking service

Arrange a nationality checking service appointment here

Before carrying on, here are some things you need to know

  • this is not a fast track service and there is no guarantee that the Home Office will approve the application
  • to complete the booking process, you will need a credit or debit card when contacted by a registration officer 
  • in Sutton, our citizenship team will check, copy and certify important documents which need to accompany the application form. Your documents will be returned to you after the service and the applications are then sent to the Home Office by secure post

The team dedicated to citizenship generally book all appointments for the Nationality Checking Service (they take calls Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm and can be contacted by the public on 020 8770 6790). However, sometimes our call centre staff will be required to complete a nationality checking appointment form and will need to pass this to the officer dealing that day with NCS phone enquiries.

Sutton nationality checking service fees
 Single applicant (1 adult)  £65
 Each child applying  £50

Documents that the customer MUST bring to the appointment:

  • a completed citizenship application form (one for each person applying)
  • all relevant documents that the applicant is required to produce (as indicated in the application guide or on the Home Office website)
  • the correct fee for the Home Office (as indicated on the application form)
  • original evidence of knowledge of life in the United Kingdom