Flats above shops - waste collection service

Flats above shops - your collection service explained

A small proportion of households in the borough are on the ‘Flats Above Shops Collection Service'. These are properties that have no suitable outside space to present their recycling and rubbish on collection days.

When is your recycling and rubbish collected?

  • Recycling is collected every week
  • Rubbish (non recyclable waste) is collected every week

Use our postcode checker to view a collection timetable for your property.

Every household in the borough was sent a 12-month collection timetable in March 2017. An update to the timetable will be sent to all households before Christmas each year.

Collections start from 6am and finish by 8.30pm. Please do not place bags out for collection at any other time. 

Please make sure your recycling and rubbish bags are presented in an agreed location:

  • on the street outside your property on collection day
  • placed next to the nearest litter bin to your front door
  • in wheelie bin (for those properties where there is sufficient space)

What bags do you need to store your recycling and rubbish?

Houses with no frontage - blue Bag
Blue bag - used to store recycling: paper, card, plastics, glass, cans and cartons. Learn more about recycling your paper, card, plastics, glass, cans and cartons.
Houses with no frontage - red Bag
Red bag - used to store your general rubbish (non-recyclable waste). Learn more about disposing of your rubbish