Flats - your collection service explained

Recycling your food waste

Food waste is collected every week. Use our postcode checker to view a collection timetable for your property.

We recommend you line your kitchen caddy with compostable liners (available to buy in supermarkets) or old newspaper.  When your caddy is nearly full, tie the top of your liner (or fold over your newspaper) and put it in your outside food waste bin ready for collection.

Kitchen caddy used in flats






What can you put in your food waste bin?

Yes please:

  • Food waste (all uneaten food and plate scrapings)
  • Dairy (dairy products, cheese, eggs)
  • Bread, cake, pastries
  • Meat and bones (raw meat, cooked meat, bones)
  • Tea and coffee grounds (tea bags, coffee grounds)
  • Fruit and vegetables (raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, whole fruit, peelings)
  • Fish (fish, cooked fish, bones)
  • Rice, pasta and beans

No thanks:

  • Packaging of any kind
  • Liquids such as milk
  • Oil or liquid fat
  • Plastic bags
  • Garden waste
  • Any material that is not food waste

Visit our A to Z of Recycling for more details of what can and cannot be recycled.

Good to know:

  • If you would rather use your own indoor container instead of the kitchen caddy provided by us, that’s fine - do whatever works for you.
  • 40% of the waste we used to throw away was food waste.  Now that can be recycled instead of being sent to landfill.
  • Your food waste is taken to a special processing plant in Chertsey, Surrey, where it is turned into compost and used to generate electricity which is fed into the National Grid - the plant is very efficient: just six recycled tea bags can produce enough electricity to boil a kettle!
  • Remember the best thing we can do is not waste food in the first place.  Visit Recycle for London’s Love Food Hate Waste website for hints and tips in on how to reduce food waste.
  • If you or your neighbours put the wrong item in the wrong bin, we will let you know by attaching an advisory notice. When recycling or food waste bins contain the wrong materials, they will have to be treated in the same way as general rubbish and sent to landfill, which is expensive and environmentally unsustainable. So please put your items in the right bins.