Litter, dog waste and spills - Report litter, dog waste or spills and we'll clean the street

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We clean residential streets every two weeks and busier streets more regularly.

You can help us by reporting any litter on our streets. We'll then try and clean the street or the litter away within one working day of your report. 

You can use our online form to report different types of litter or waste, for example:
  • food and wrappings
  • dog waste
  • broken glass or needles
  • oil or other spills on the road or pavement
  • leaves or built up dirt at the kerbside
  • bird droppings
  • dead animal
  • bodily fluids (urine etc.)
  • fly posting

Just take a note of the street where the litter is (or the street nearest to it). Then use our online form to report it to us and ask for that street to be cleaned. Report litter, dog waste or spills

Urgent or dangerous litter

If the issue is urgent or dangerous (things like broken glass from windows, dangerous litter near schools, or something causing a health and safety risk) please call us straight away so we can respond quickly: Contact us.