Street, park and public open space cleanliness

About litter in Sutton

1,266.62 tonnes of litter was collected in Sutton in 2014/15, an increase from 1,065.8 tonnes the previous year.  Litter looks awful, downgrades the quality of our living and working environment as well as giving a poor impression of our Borough to visitors.  

Across Sutton there are 565 bins provided for your convenience.  The simple message is if you want to dispose of something, 'Find a bin and put it in'.  If you can’t find a bin, take your rubbish with you and dispose of it at home.

In Sutton the most common types of litter include; drinks cans & cartons, crisp and sweet packaging, fast food packaging, cigarette litter such as cigarette butts, packets, cellophane wrapping and lighters and chewing gum.

Bin your butts! Although butts are small and appear insignificant when compared with other forms of litter, they are one of the most widespread forms of litter in Sutton.  They are not biodegradable. To help people dispose of their cigarettes properly litter bins in the busy areas of Sutton have specially designed lids for butt disposal. Please take care to dispose of your butts correctly.

Chewing gum: Of all the items that end up as litter, one of them can’t be swept away and that’s chewing gum. Not only does it look unsightly, speckling our streets and pavements, but it can stick to our shoes and be very difficult to remove.  It costs our street cleansing service on average £1.50 to remove each piece of gum, money which could be better spent supporting more vital services. The message is clear, dispose of your gum in a bin, preferably wrapping it first in its packaging.  Do not throw it on the ground!