Street, park and public open space cleanliness

Litter and dog fouling fines

Litter fines

The law allows us to give on the spot fines of £150 to anyone we see dropping litter. After prosecution the maximum fine for littering can rise to £2,500. 


Our Environmental Enforcement Officers will be issuing fixed penalty notices of £150 to anyone they see littering.

Dog fouling fines

Since 1st September 2002 all public land, which includes pavements, grass verges, parks and open spaces, is covered by the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996. 

An offence is committed if a person in charge of a dog fails to clean up after it if it fouls on public land. The offence carries a maximum fine of £1,000. Claiming to be unaware of the fouling or not having the means to clean up is not an acceptable excuse!


Environmental Enforcement Officers who see people allowing their dogs to foul our public spaces, and not cleaning up after them, will issue fixed penalty notices of £150.

Report dog fouling

If you know someone who regularly allows their dog to foul the footpath and doesn't clean it up - contact us so we can investigate. Contact us.