Graffiti or fly posting

Is graffiti or fly posting happening now?

  • if you see someone applying graffiti or fly posters, report it to Sutton Police

Graffiti or fly posting on a public building, street, or foot path:

  • you can report graffiti or fly posting that is on any public building, street, or foot path to us using our online report graffiti
  • if the graffiti is offensive you can contact us to report it and we'll raise the issue as high priority for removal

Graffiti on private land and property - who to contact:

  • we are not responsible for removing graffiti or fly postings from housing estates, bus stops, train stations, railway bridges, underpasses, telephone boxes, post boxes or street cabinets.

    For Housing Estates, please contact Sutton Housing Partnership - 020 8915 2000
    For train stations and other railway property, please contact Network Rail - 0345 711 4141
    For bus stops please contact Transport for London - 0343 222 1234
    For telephone boxes please contact BT - 0800 023 2023
    For post boxes please contact Royal Mail - 03457 740 740
    For Virgin Media street cabinets contact Virgin Media - 0870 888 3116
    For BT (openreach) street cabinets call BT on 0800 023 2023

  • we can only remove graffiti that is on residential, business, private or commercial property once the property owner has completed a Graffiti Removal Disclaimer Form