Fly tipping

Report fly tipping

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish onto land that doesn’t have a licence to take it.  

Fly tips may be found on roads, pavements, or grass verges; in car parks, park and open spaces. They can include anything from general household rubbish to mattresses, sofas, fridges, building rubble and tyres.

We are responsible for clearing fly tips from council-owned land, however it is the responsibility of landowners to clear fly tips on private land.

If you see a fly tip:

  • do not touch the waste - it may contain hazardous substances

  • do not disturb the site; there may be evidence that could help us identify the fly-tippers and lead to their prosecution

  • do report it immediately. If you believe the fly tip is on private land, you will need to identify who the landowner is and contact them directly.  If you believe the fly tip is on public land, you report it to us using our online form

Report a fly tip on public land

We will investigate your report as a matter of priority.  If the fly tip is on public land, we will get it removed as soon as possible.

If you see a fly tip in progress, call 999 and make a note of the registration number of any vehicles involved.