Worcester Park fire

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Worcester Park Fire


How to use your grit

Preparing for for snowy and icy conditions

In November 2018 we gave away over 11 tonnes of free winter grit, that's more than a thousand bags, to local residents and businesses.

Anyone that missed out can still collect grit from one of the various grit bins located around the borough. Residents can search for their closest grit bin using their postcode on the council website click here.

Our main roads are gritted regularly by the council. Updates on snow clearance and all other gritting services provided by the London Borough of Sutton for its residents are published on the Twitter account Sutton Gritting @SuttonGrit and reposted on our Sutton Council Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Trunk roads and motorways are maintained by Highways England. They can be contacted on 0300 123 5000 or info@highwaysengland.co.uk.

Advice about how to get the most out of your bag of grit:

  • use your snow shovel to clear new snow prior to applying your grit
  • please use your grit sparingly, there is a maximum of 10kg of grit per household
  • store it in a shed or garage, keep it off the ground and covered (to avoid salt seepage)
  • if the grit is kept covered and dry it will last for a few years
  • use the grit sparingly to clear paths, pavements, roads and steps outside the front of your home if they are covered in snow or ice
  • grit won't melt snow and ice on its own. It relies on a chemical reaction which is triggered when walked or driven on
  • heavy traffic and footfall means the grit will last about 6 hours and may then need recovering. Whilst the salt may disappear, the grit will remain for longer and still be effective
  • 10kg of free grit is available to all households including flats and maisonettes
  • don't put grit down the drain as it may clog and cause blockages

Guidance is also availble on Gov.uk on clearing paths 

If a grit bin is empty, please tell us using our online Report an empty grit bin form